About Lewa



Bonjour, Salut, Hello & Welcome wonderful people to the wonderful world of Lewa Botanics. On this site you will find a beautiful selection of skin care products that will have your skin shimmering, glowing, and shining like never before.

My name is Harley and I am the founder of Lewa Botanics. My product came about due to my sensitive skin. Conventional creams and moisturizers would lead my skin to break out or not do the trick. However, my curse turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I used my misfortunes to create my very own body butter. In 2017, I created my body butters under the name Harley's Uzuri; and after re-branding my company Lewa Botanics LLC was founded in 2019.

Currently, my company consists of body butters which come in three amazing scents, Lavender, Vanilla and Peppermint. However, in the future, I plan to expand our scent,as well as the products that we offer. So keep an eye out and subscribe for notifications so you can be one of the first to feel beautiful Lewa Botanics.


Our love of Health & Beauty

Lewa means Beautiful in Yoruba. Botanics means botanical, relating to plants/ natural. Lewa Botanics can translate into Natural Beauty. Lewa Botanics would like every customer to feel beautiful while applying the product. Beauty is an indescribable feeling for both men and women to  experience. Deep down you know you're beautiful! Let it shine through!.