Butta Me Up Baby!

Wow! Dreams do come true. Just after you remove all your self-doubt. 

Lewa Botanics launched its official Launch Event/Brunch on March 7, 2020, and it was phenomenal! The support shown by friends and family was breathtaking. 

I was given the chance to bring all my dreams to life. It was nerve-wracking. I've never thrown an event for myself before, yet my first event is for my business? AND I'm expecting about 100 guests? 

The Pressure is ON ! 

I had no time to panic! Too late, the invitation was already public. So I created my own team. I HAD to. My family stood by my side as I dreamed big, and all they told me was Dream! I wanted my guests in an elegant forest! I was unstoppable. 

The day came and to my surprise, MORE SUPPORT.  Friends and family drove in early from different states to help me set up. They did anything to not see drop a tear drop down my face. Every time I  felt anxious, there was someone to the right of me ready to help. The countless affirmations I received that day gave me the strength and energy to stand and dance all day. Oh, we danced the day away...

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say THANK YOU. Thank you to all that contributed to my dreams. Thank you.  

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Paintings painted by @AbelCreates

Welcome Sign Created by @seph_crafts

Decor by @decorbytamarb

Photography by @MaxWillPhotography

Video by @Ser6ioSantos

Sounds by @djteddygramz

 LEWA BOTANICS @LewaBotanics

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